Sermons on Isaiah

Sermons on Isaiah

Watch and Pray by Ps Dave Welch 08-03-20

One needs to watch to know what to pray. Therefore watch, pray and behold Christ so no one deceives you. Be filled with the holy spirit continually so he is your source. Be stirred and provoked to watch and endure your Gethsemane. Mark 13:33, Mark 14:38, Luke 21:36, 1 Co 16:13, Rev 3:2-3, Psalm 141:3, Matthew 16:3, Matthew 26:40, Matthew 24:1-31, Isaiah 40:28-31

Anoint Your Shield by Ps Dave Welch 12-01-19

There are five levels of faith spoken of in the scriptures – as faith grows or matures our levels of faith increases, but our faith can also slide and decrease under pressure as we fight the good fight of faith. But there is a faith that when njtures and prepared with the anointing has the capacity and ability to quench every firey dart of the enemy. Isaiah 21:5,…

Go Deeper by Ps Dave Welch 29-12-19

You need to dig deeper and lay your foundations on Christ the rock. Before Jobs flood of problems and accusations and pain, he had a hearing relationship with God. After the flood had ceased and he was found anchored on the rock (the goodness, mercy and grace of God) he had a seeing relationship with the Lord. My house is only as strong as the foundation I build. Matt…

Hope by Christina Welch 20-10-19

When we hope for something, we do not always consider the waiting. God designed waiting; it is embedded into creation. Man tries to skip the waiting – he tries to do things his way and not God’s way. God knows where you are at- your days have been written out. Have hope in the waiting. Romans 8:25, Habakkuk 2:3, James 5:7-8, Romans 8:19-21, Psalm 103:27-28,…