Sermons on Exodus

Sermons on Exodus

The Goodness of God by Ps Dave Welch 04-10-20

When we don’t see God moving in our now we reflect on what we think we have missed out on. When I complain, I have a mindset shift. I have forgotten the goodness of God and am reflecting on the percieved lack of God moving in my life. Exodus 16:1-13, Numbers 11:31, Numbers 1:1-6, Exodus 33:12-19

Pick It Up by Ps Dave Welch 30-08-20

If you know what you’ve got then you won’t be searching for what you haven’t- if you know who you are then you know who you are not. God is looking for a people who will lead out a list generation from their bondage and slavery to sin, and from their taskmasters of fear, rejection and despair. What’s in your hand? Exodus 4:1-4, Exodus 4:17, Exodus…

The Called Out Ones by Ps Dave Welch 11-08-19

I need to start speaking by faith who I am, even if I have not yet aligned to who I will be. Now He’s waiting for the ‘called out ones’ to walk in their heavenly citizenship. I am a citizen of heaven. I have the rights and privileges of heaven. I am a called out one and all principalities and powers have been conquered and overcome by King Jesus, and it…
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