Sermons by Ps Dave Welch

Sermons by Ps Dave Welch

If by Ps Dave Welch 16-12-18

I need to strengthen my resolve and put on the mind of christ and understand that I can do all things ‘through’ Christ who strengthens me and get rid of the ‘Ifs’ of life. There are certain kind of fights in ones life that cause me to confront the status quo that I’m in- it is the ‘Ifs’ on my life that lead me into a mindset of…

Add To It by Ps Dave Welch 25-11-18

Kingdom builders understand the plan and purpose of the Kingdom to minister to both the physical and eternal need. Faith alone is not enough; it needs to be added to with the power of demonstration that there has been a people who have been with Jesus. The same commision has been left, the same spirit dwells within us, the same anointing has been given and the same mantle…

Seeds of Promise by Ps Dave Welch 18-11-18

To get bitterness of soul out of you,you must go to the Lord so you can be filled with a fresh word. Unless God has given you a seed of promise you can sow as many times as you want but you will not reap anything unless He wills it. God remembers his word to you; He can fill you afresh with purpose and promise. He can birth the word spoken to us in the process of time. 1…

Kingdom Building by Ps Dave Welch 07-10-18

The message of the kingdom is the wonderful world of God. There is coming a new sound within the sons of God- a sound of unity, oneness and an urgency to build. It will be a sound that promotes no-one or anything else other that the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ. Gen 11:1-9, Acts 2:1-13