Sermons by Ps Dave Welch

Sermons by Ps Dave Welch

Kingdom Building by Ps Dave Welch 07-10-18

The message of the kingdom is the wonderful world of God. There is coming a new sound within the sons of God- a sound of unity, oneness and an urgency to build. It will be a sound that promotes no-one or anything else other that the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ. Gen 11:1-9, Acts 2:1-13

Breakthrough by Ps Dave Welch 05-08-18

While God increases the level of anointing on your life to fulfil purpose and create breakthrough; the devil wants to keep you thinking small, believing small and set limitations in our minds. Apologies for the errors in the recordings this week due to some technical difficulties.

God Has Not Given Me A Spirit Of Fear by Ps Dave Welch 22-07-18

A spirit of fear wants to bring doubt into our mind so we listen to it more than Him. The spirit that lives within you is greater than anything in this world. When we anchor the thought that He is a God who doesn’t lie into our minds, the spirit of fear cannot come over our lives. Rom 14:17,…

We Have The Power by Ps Dave Welch 24-06-18

Sin has an agenda. Sins assignment is to tempt you, and so it can corrupt our hearing (to bring doubt and unbelief), affect our sight (to blur the vision that God has for our lives), lose our taste (for the things of God) and isolate you from being touched (by his presence). We must watch and pray- watch our hearts, watch our mouths, watch our thoughts, watch our words…