Sermons from August 2019

Sermons from August 2019

Men Like Trees by Corneliu Bodnar 18-08-19

God doesn’t give us dominion so we can call down fire from heaven- it’s for the people and so he can save the lost. When we get to a point where God has made us useful, we have a responsibility to Jesus to be if use. We must not stagnate. God does mean for us to isolate ourselves from the world, but we need to have our foundations first. Mark 8:22-25, 2 Peter…

The Called Out Ones by Ps Dave Welch 11-08-19

I need to start speaking by faith who I am, even if I have not yet aligned to who I will be. Now He’s waiting for the ‘called out ones’ to walk in their heavenly citizenship. I am a citizen of heaven. I have the rights and privileges of heaven. I am a called out one and all principalities and powers have been conquered and overcome by King Jesus, and it…

Doors by Ps Dave Welch 04-08-19

God wants to build something in you and me, more than what we are experiencing. He wants to build you so you are effective in the kingdom. He’s not building a movement or a monument, he’s building people who He called out to become fishers of men and kingdom builders. Real development of my walk is behind closed doors. John 20:18-22, John 20:26-31, Jeremiah…

Take Your Place by Ps Dave Welch 28-07-19

That which is born of the flesh must give ground to that which is born of the spirit. As a son of God I’ve got to get forceful in my soul regarding sin and the promises of God. For too long we have been promoting a gospel of salvation instead of the gospel of the kingdom. Matt 11:12, Mark 1:9-11, Luke 14:26-27, Luke 14:33, Gen 28:15, Eph 4:22-32