Sermons from 2017

Sermons from 2017

Transformation by Tim Hazell 17-12-17

God will move many things in our life that trouble us, but He will also bring things to destabilize us from the latter (hierarchy) we are on. God wants to undermine your false self as our value needs to be outside of ourselves. Interacting with God daily ensures we do not climb a ladder we shouldn’t be climbing on.

Who Do You Think You Are by Yvette Bruce

In 100 years, what have you passed on? It is not about the mistakes we make, but how we respond to our mistakes. Is there a promise coming down through generations on your family’s seed? Is it Godly? What you pass on bears Godly seed. Matthew 13:3, 2 Chronicles 25:1-16, 2 Chronicles 26:2-21, 2 Chronicles 28:1-22, 2 Chronicles 29:1-2, 2 Chronicles 30:1-20

I Am With You In The Storm by Angela Williams

As a disciple of Jesus, you follow God onto the boat. Sometimes God leads you directly into the path of the storm. The storm is not carrying you to your destination, it is external to both the boat and the sea. God is not affected by the storm. Whenever God does something you wouldn’t expect, get ready because you’re about to see a miracle. We need to rebuke…

In Christ by Ps Dave Welch 01-10-2017

The world is looking for proof that God is alive. God is looking for sons, and a seed to live a demonstrating life of Jesus. God creates through His word. Whatever He creates; comes back from, is sustained by, and goes back to. God is calling us out, to bring us in. Acts 17:18, Mark 16:17, Romans 8:29, Psalms 22:30-31, Isaiah 61:1-9, Isaiah 53:8-10, Isaiah 8:18, Isaiah…